Dr. Steven Hoffman & Dr. Douglas B. Johnson

Dr. Steven Hoffman, Acting NWCSI Director, has assisted organizations and individuals with strategy, planning, and operations for 30+ years.  He has applied skill and insight to the complex interactions between business and the environment, with diverse clients, including the Organic Crop Improvement Association (in the U.S. and Japan), One Cert, the U.S.-China Environmental Fund, the Port of Skagit County (WA), the Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affairs, and Kyoto Seika University.

Dr. Douglas B. Johnson, NWCSI Vice President, has assisted organizations with strategic planning, management, and operations for 35 years. His provocative probing leads clients to energy performance improvements–with cash at the end of the rainbow, as well as measurable reductions in carbon and other emissions. His expertise includes:

  • Strategic approaches to risk and resilience;
  • Proven, standards-based risk management;
  • Scenario analyses of risks to business continuity and shareholder value.

Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Johnson are willing to provide customized assistance to organizations and individuals who want to overcome impediments to change, attain strategic goals, and improve resilience. We seek to cultivate management interest and develop capacity for cash-positive, carbon-negative projects.