NWCSI’s Past Accomplishments & Newest Project

NWCSI was born in 2009, out of concern for our long-term energy future, rising sea levels, intensifying weather events, and good citizenship.  During the past decade, NWCSI’s energy efficiency project has led to energy audits and efficiency upgrades for over 2500 homes and businesses,  providing energy savings and carbon emissions benefits to owners, occupants and the general public.  NWCSI’s Educational Program has fostered deeper understanding of climate risk, including risks to energy and food supplies.  NWCSI’s work with the City of Seattle’s Energy Benchmarking Program helped businesses and multi-family housing projects lay the groundwork for energy efficiency improvements.

At present, NWCSI is putting its unique skills and experience into an ambitious program: assisting organizations, households, and individuals to take effective, affordable steps to reduce climate risk.  Whether that risk be from sea level rise, wildfire, flooding, supply chain problems, or related issues, NWCSI will provide customized assistance. We will assist you to determine how to become more resilient in the face of today’s fast-changing social and physical environments.

NWCSI is ready to work with organizations to:

  • Secure leadership support for a strategic approach to risk and resilience, especially climate risk;
  • Overcome silo-bound risk management; and
  • Cultivate experience with climate risk reduction.

We are also ready to work with households to reduce climate impacts and risks of all kinds.

Our work is designed to enable us all to better manage risk, develop resilience, and help create the most sustainable future possible.