Reducing Organizations’ Risk — Green Advisors

We assist organizational (business, government, nonprofit) members to manage climate risk and impacts — related to flooding, energy use, drought, rising seas, emissions, and supply chains.  

In today’s fast-changing economy and climate, we need to adapt quickly, to be as resilient as possible. 

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Clean Energy

Our spin-off “Energy Solutions Project” ( is a locally-based service that, over the past decade, has saved energy and money for over 2500 homeowners and commercial establishments.

Clean Air 

Indoor air pollution is an ever-concerning problem.  We’ve partnered with top experts to offer discounted, quality indoor air cleaners.

Education for a Resilient Economy

We maintain active Facebook and Twitter feeds to spread news of the latest innovations in sustainability worldwide.

We also provide personalized assistance to individuals who want to build a more resilient economy and society.  All NWCSI members can receive assistance as they “think through” sustainability issues.  For instance, we assist folks to tackle, “How can my family become carbon-neutral?” or “What are the most effective actions we can take to reduce climate change?”

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In addition, we give public presentations on how to foster sustainable organizations, efficient homes, and a sustainable economy.

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