Membership Benefits: Organizations (Business, Government, Nonprofit, etc.)

Organizational Membership Benefits:  At-A-Glance

(1)  Custom Consultation:  Cost-Effective Reductions in Your Organization’s Climate Impact

(2)  Customized Report/Recommendations:  Strategies to Reduce Your Climate-Related Risk & Impact, & Increase Organizational Resilience (via Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Waste Reduction, Carbon Offsets, Staff/Customer Education, Supply/Value Chain Improvements, Innovative Best Practices in Your Field, etc.)

(3) Spreading the Word: Your organization’s initiatives featured, as appropriate, in social media outlets (materials available for reproduction & use)

(4) Educational Materials:  Fill Gaps in Staff and Customer Knowledge;  Increase Staff Engagement in Reducing Impacts & Developing Resilience

Membership Fee:  By Donation (no organization turned away due to lack of funds)

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